The I-CARE for MDS substudy closed prematurely on 31.12.2023

Based on the interim-analysis from 10/23 the I-CARE for MDS study was closed prematurely due to slow recruitment, insufficent ressources and futility. The interim data will be analyzed and published on our website as well as original manuscript.

The activity of the Swiss MDS Registry and Biobank platform and all affiliated subprojects will not be affected. The Swiss MDS Study Group remains committed in supporting researchers in Switzerland and abroad in using all collected data from MDS patients for clinical, translation and basic research projects. For more information on the ongoing projects, please visit our website on “Publikationen, Projekte und klinische Studien”.

We thank all the patients, investigators and sponsors for their kind support of the I-CARE for MDS project and we are looking for better times and infrastructures to succed in using real world data to assess and monoitor quality of care in MDS patients in the future.

Prof. Dr. med. Nicolas Bonadies