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Folgende Arbeiten der Studiengruppe wurden bisher publiziert:


aktuelle Projekte

Nationale Working Packages (WPs):

  • WP0: Swiss Survey on Myelodysplastic Syndromes’ Care Identifies Areas for Improvement (I. Chanias, Dr. M. Wilk, Prof. N. Bonadies). published

  • WP1: I-CARE for MDS: Impact of Guidelines Adherence on Effectiveness and Safety of Health CARE Provided to MDS Patients (K. Stojkov, Dr. T. Silzle, Prof. N. Bonadies) O1: published, O2-O3: ongoing

    • WP1.1: Retro- und prospektive Analyse von ESA-assoziierten GBIs (M. Arnold, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP2: The Role of Innate Immunity in Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukaemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (Prof. R. Allam)

    • WP2.1: Expression of immunhistochemical markers for inflammasome activity and immune checkpoint inhibitors in MDS (J. Graf, Prof. N. Bonadies) published

    • WP2.2: Inflammassome Acivity in CMML patients (Dr. N. Andina, Prof. R. Allam) (manuscript in preparation)
  • WP3: Exploration of the Influence of Free Plasma Iron Toxicity and Redox-Stress on Immune Subversion and Clonal Progression in Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (Prof. N. Bonadies)

    • WP3.1: Validation of eLPI assay (A. Vella, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP4: Investigation of the role of cytomorphology and histopathology for the diagnosis of MDS in the era of modern genetics (Prof. U. Bacher) published

  • WP5: The Role of Extracellular Vesicles in Myelodysplastic Syndromes (PD Dr. M. Heller) (manuscript in preparation)

  • WP6: Characterization of Oncospecific Protein Isoforms as Targets for Myelodysplastic Syndromes (Prof. St. Balabanov, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP7: Evaluation of the utility of PROs in MDS and MDS/MPN patients (Dr. L. Njue, Prof. N. Bonadies)

    • WP7.1: Analysis of biomarkers for depression and fatigue (Dr. T. N. Rao)

  • WP8: Retrospektiver Vergleich von MDS-Patienten jünger und älter als 50 Jahre (Dr. N Andina, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP9: Clinical characteristics and outcomes of hypoplastic MDS and AA in the real-world setting (B. Kaliyeva,  Prof. A. Rovo, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP10: Transition from CHIP to MDS (I. Chanias, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP11: The wolf in the sheeps clothing: LR-MDS with HR features (S. Affolter, H. Simeunovic, Prof. N. Bonadies)

  • WP 12: MDS with autoinflammation (H. Simeunovic, Prof. N. Bonadies)

    • WP 12.1: MDS with VEXAS and other general autoinflammatory conditions  (Dr. F. Lötscher)
    • WP 12.2: Cutaneous manifestations in MDS and MDS/MPN (A. Carigiet, PD Dr. L. Feldmeyer)
  • WP 13: Retrospektive Analyse der MDS-Kohorte des Universitätsspitals Basel der Jahre 2012 – 2017 (Dr. G. Stehle)

  • WP 14: Promoting Autonomy and Independence in MDS Patients (KD Dr. Axel Rüfer, Dr. Linet Njue)

Internationale Kollaborationen (IPs):

  • IP1: CMML First Line Treatment: PD. Dr. Lisa Pleyer, Salzburg Cancer Research, Austria (published)
  • IP2: Genetic background of MDS-MPN-U:  Prof. Francesc Sole, Joseph Carrera Leukaemia Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain (ongoing)
  • IP3: Genetic background of hypoplastic MDS:  Prof. Felicitas Thol, Hannover Medical School, Germany (ongoing)
  • IP4: Guideline adherence in Düsseldorf MDS Registry. Prof. Ulrich Germing, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf Germany (published)


Klinische Studien in der Schweiz

In der Schweiz wird mit und ohne unserer Beteiligung an mehreren Studien über die MDS geforscht. Bei findet man eine weitere Übersicht über Studien mit Schweizer Beteiligung.